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Watch Repairs and Servicing

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 "From mercury free watch batteries to servicing a Rolex"



Sometimes the inevitable happens and your watch will stop or require some attention. Our watch repair service is available for nearly all situations form a new battery or watch strap to servicing or replacing parts on an automatic Rolex.

New watch glass, replacement buttons and stems, servicing, waterproof testing, new main springs. These are examples of some of the watch repairs that The Ethical Jeweller undertakes

We want to buy your....


Old, Unwanted, Broken and Scrap Gold, Platinum & Silver     We_Buy_Your_Old,_Unwanted,_Broken_and_Scrap_Gold,_Platinum_and_Silver..gif

Do you have broken chains not worth repairing, odd and dented earrings?  Is that snapped bracelet still in the drawer next to the crushed ring?  If so then why not cash them in with us.

We buy all Gold, Platinum and Silver Scrap and broken jewellery for cash, cheque or Part Exchange.


Second Hand, Vintage and Antique Jewellery        We_Buy_Your_Old,_Unwanted,_Secondhand,_Vintage_annd_Antique_Jewellery.gif

Whether you are just clearing out some of the Jewellery form your jewellery box or are looking to sell some unwanted pieces then come and see us.  We are always  looking to purchase Diamond and Gem Set Jewellery such as rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, studs, and brooches

We also buy Gold, Platinum and Silver Jewellery without stones such as chains, bracelets, rings, bangles, earrings, studs, lockets, ingots and bars.  We also purchase Gold Watches and Pocket Watches


Your Gold Sovereigns, Krugerrands etc.       Gold_Sovereign,_Gold_Krugerrand,_US_Gold_Eagle,_Gold_Maple,_Philharmoniker.gif

If you have been investing in World Gold Bullion Coins or have acquired one or two over the years and are considering selling them we want to buy them.   Because we value each coin individually we do not only pay a bullion price but we also consider if there is a Collector's Premium attached to the coin as well  This way we can help you realise your coin's current Investment Value which can mean more money for you.

We purchase Gold Coins with origins from all over the world an so are always looking to buy British Sovereigns, Half Sovereigns, Guineas and Britannias, South African Krugerrands, American Eagles and Dollars, Canadian Maple Leafs, Australian Nuggets, Austrian Philharmonikers and Ducats and many more. 


Payment, Part Exchange and Identification.

We pay you for your items either by Cash, Cheque or Part Exchange

You can Part Exchange your items for either all of the cost of a new item partial cost or as a deposit.  Not only do you in general get a better price for your scrap gold, jewellery or gold coins with Part Exchange but you can also transfer the sentiment from jewellery you may not wear any more into something that is more you!

Please note that you must be 18 years old and Identification is requires.  Your ID should be valid official documentation and include your name and address and ideally your photograph.  Acceptable forms would be Driving Licence, Passport etc.

"Without an accurate, up to date valuation you run the risk of being under insured in the event of loss or theft."


Having your jewellery and other precious belongings valued is vital to making sure you are adequately covered by your insurance policy. Without an accurate, up to date valuation you run the risk of being under insured in the event of loss or theft. Many insurance companies even insist that you have items over a certain value specified individually on your policy and regularly valued to ensure the limits are adequate.

Proof of Ownership

The Ethical Jeweller's valuations provide you with proof of ownership which your insurance company may require in the event of a claim. Without this proof you may find that replacement is based on an item of "average" quality rather than what you have actually lost. Having your jewellery valued every 2-3 years will ensure any information about market values is up to date.

Our Valuations Include

·  a detailed description of each item including stone measurements, colour and clarity of stones, metal types and weight

·  insurance replacement values

·  explanatory notes on terms and abbreviations

·  a duplicate to pass to your insurance company

·  lasting proof of ownership

·  advice on any repairs needed to your items

Valuation Fees

Fees are £20.00 or1% of the value of the item which ever is greater( including VAT).

Items purchased from a shopping/internet channel: It is not generally necessary to have items purchased from shopping or internet channels valued for insurance replacement purposes. We strongly suggest that you insure the item(s) for the amount paid or contact your insurance company for further advice. 

Jewellery Replacement

If your jewellery has been lost or stolen then we can give you an Insurance Letter for your insurer detailing  the value of the items based upon the details that you supply us.  We can then also help you to replace your jewellery



Tuesday, 22 January 2013 16:31

Bespoke Jewellery Design

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Let us make your dream piece of ethical jewellery for you!



As one of the very few Fairtrade Licensed Jewellers in the UK we are able to offer Bespoke Creations made from Recycled and Ethically sourced Precious Metals including Fairtrade and  Ecological Gold and Platinum.

If you can't find your perfect piece of jewellery then let us create it for you using a combination of traditional techniques, like wax carving, and modern technology such as Computer Aided Design (CAD).

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 16:29

Jewellery Repairs

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 "Repairing jewellery rather than replacing it extends its life and and reduces your environmental impact."



If you have snapped your 9ct gold necklace, broken the clasp on your silver bracelet or the size of your platinum and diamond ring needs to be changed then we can help.

We  offer a full repair service for all of your precious metal jewellery from simple soldering of broken chains to the replacement and setting of lost stones.


Diamond and Gemstone Dealers


Because we have an on site Diamond Grader (HRD Graduate) and gemmologist we have excellent contacts within the diamond and gemstone industry.  As a result we can supply and mount almost any size and quality of stone that you require!


Pearl Restringing


We also offer restringing of Pearls and Beads and can also supply new clasps if required.

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